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At Trade Training UK we deliver nationally recognised electrical qualifications, bespoke training courses as well as hosting training days for well known third parties such as Aico, Martindale, etc.


Convenience and flexibility are a key factor that we offer, evening and weekend courses as well as additional days if required to suit the learner.

Our scheduling and timeframe are to support those who are setting out on a new career or already working in the electrical industry, this allows learners to learn while they are still working to ensure they can afford and manage their career change effectively.

The centre holds a variety of courses which people can choose which best suits their careerr options and our tutor will provide honest advice and guidance to anyone looking to take part in the course of the best course of action to achieve their goals.

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Online Learning

The course can offer a distance learning for thos who are not necessarily local, this is based around the learner doing their e-learning and completing what they can at home with necassary evidence and then coming to the centre when best suits them which can be organised and then completing the exams and assignments which have to be invigilated. This can be done in a time span which suits the learne and also the provider.

When you enrol on a course or to train at Trade Training UK you are given free access to a regularly updated and course relevant

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