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Trade Training UK is a local course provider ran by a well experienced, knowledgeable and fully qualified Electrician who has been working in his field for over 15 years. Greg Hoonanian is the course leader and has created a small community with his courses. Trade Training UK is made to train the next generation of electricians with top knowledge and industry insight.   


Since it was founded Trade Training UK has created over 2000 successful electricians who have gone on to excel in their feild. The centre has become a hub for a community which has developed with the students going on to receive their Gold Card and comeback and converse with Greg's courses and can provide opening opportunities to the newer students as it is all based around supporting one another. The course is highly supportive of peer learning and promotes learners aiding each other and playing to individuals strengths.

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Electrical Work


Trade Training UK was founded with the notion of teaching all those who want to be taught and allowing every equal opportunity to pursue their own career. The centre was created as there was a shortage in affordable and reliable  courses for individuals wishing to chanbge careers and learn while they work as other providers expect learners to devote their fulltime to allow quick turnover however this leads to students struggling to afford these courses and thus Trade Training UK aims to eliviate that financial pressure.

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